Torch bearer of the ancestral lineage 

Ajjaram Wellness LLP is backed by a family with 100 years of Ayurvedic ancestral lineage, reputed professors from Ayurvedic institutions and qualified BAMS specialists.

AWL is on a mission to make ayurvedic herbal health care as the primary choice of system for common ailments and preventive care in India. At AWL we believe that we strive to help you have a better quality of life of life with our time tested preventive and therapeutic formulations 

To achieve this mission we work across the value chain from manufacturers, doctors and with end retailers by making our products available for the customers in time of need.


Vaidya. K V Ramanaiah

Dr. K V Ramanaiah is a Vaidya Vidwan in Ayurveda with 40 years of experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner. He specializes in Pulse Diagnosis(Nadi based disease identification) and based on the diagnosis, he treats his patients. Dr. Ramanaiah inherited Ayurveda from his father and is an expert in medicine preparation the traditional way, ingredients and their benefits. He is also one of our founding team members

P. V . Satyamurty

Satyamurty has 23 Years Experience in Structural Engg, GIS, Oil & Gas development  & production.  Satyamurty is currently helping us an outside consultant in setting up the operations.

Phani Raj Kuchibhotla

Phani Raj is part of the founding team at Ajjaram Wellness LLP and handles all the operations of the organization. He has 14 years experience in Product Management and spent building products for advanced markets. Currently he is the managing partner at Ajjaram Wellness LLP